God's Amazing Timing

Hubby and I have been struggling with writing our testimony of faith for our application. For me I could write about 10 pages, but I need to condense that down to 1 page. On the other hand hubby is not as wordy as me so struggles to get even 1 page. I've been searching and searching for one specific verse that has applied to both our personal faith and our marriage. I came to work today and read my daily devotion...

"When it seems like circumstances are ouside your control and the world is against you, remain faithful to God, especially when the days are dark. God promises to restore you for your own good and His glory."

"As far as I am concerned, God turned into good what you meant for evil." Genesis 50:20

This was the verse I was looking for! Wow, God is so amazing.

When we were first married we weren't right with God. Satan tried to destroy our families but God is faithful and brought us to Him. The power of Christ is such that He can bring healing, hope and joy to even the darkest situations. This power and love of Christ is what we desire to pass on to hubby's kids and our future children.

We rejoice today in God's faithfulness!

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