New Blog

Sorry - I didn't have the link right in the post below. Here's our new blog:


See ya there!


Goodbye Blogger

Not blogging, Blogger. Sorry hubby, fooled ya there for a second didn't I!

My new blog is www.graspthelove.wordpress.com. Please check it out and I don't have the subscribe thing up where you can enter your email but you can do an RSS feed. Real technical jargon there, huh!

Hope you'll join me over at Grasp the Love on wordpress.


Go here to read a great post about the heart of a mom and gratitude.


The Sign

Yesterday was the first day I've ventured out of the house in 6 days. I felt like an alien in a strange land...probably looked like one too given I've decided there's no reason I need to waste water and shower every single day. I'm sure Hubby's real pleased about that.

Anyway, I had no reason to go out, just going stir crazy. So I bundled up Angel and headed to Wally World. We drove around in the parking lot for probably 10 minutes. Now that I've become a mother I'm pretty lazy, I need to be in the front of the parking lot otherwise we'll just cruise the lot jammin out to Chris Tomlin. Then it hit me...the sign.

For the longest time, probably FOREVER I've been wanting to park in this certain spot at HyVee. It's a reserved spot for NEW AND EXPECTING MOTHERS. This sign has taunted me for years... ha ha ha you can't park here! And I was ready to rumble with the sign and take my turn at the front spot. So long Wally World... good thing I didn't get a spot! We head to HyVee, not too far away and I'm can feel my heart racing. I'm SO excited.

As I pull into the parking lot I can see the sign...almost there. But then...time stops and my heart drops. Someone had the nerve to park in my spot. All this time, all the longing and waiting and hoping and praying, so that one day I could be a "NEW AND EXPECTING MOTHER" and it comes to this. I decide to do a couple loops around the lot, maybe this "so called" mother will come out soon.

Unfortunately the mom didn't come out and I got tired of driving around a parking lot securing my place in the idiot hall of fame. God was looking down on me though, I did get a front spot. And although there wasn't a sign that said "NEW AND EXPECTING MOTHERS" as I lugged Angel's carrier out of the car and looked at her beautiful smiling face my heart swelled with love and I knew I needed no sign to remind me that I'm a mom.


Downward Spiral

Topics I've been contemplating writing about:

1. Every time we change Angel she pees on us. I thought only the boys did that?
2. Given my ankle injury and sickness and Hubby getting sick Princess offered, well was bribed, to pick up the doggies poop in the backyard.
3. One of the most exciting events of the past week was using the diaper genie.
4. Although Angel isn't the world's meanest trucker she burbs like she is.
5. Princess got sick too so sorry neighbors, the stock pile of fertilizer will continue in the backyard.

Doesn't get much better than that folks!



Much Better

Today has been much better. I'm feel like 1/2 of a new woman! My fever broke last night before bedtime. This morning I woke up actually not wanting to throw up. I wasn't ready to jump out of bed and head to IHOP but hey, I'll take what I can get. As the day has gone on I'm kinda tired but other than that doing good. Thank you God! It's been so hard to be away from Angel baby. I'm still trying to keep my distance and we've been praying she wouldn't get sick either - Hubby has a cold, hopefully that won't turn into anything else.

My ankle is doing good too. I started walking on it today. Yes, it's against the advice of Dr but I'm sorry I really have no choice. I am wearing my brace and sitting on my behind as much as I can and icing it practically all day and when I do walk on it I wear a brace. Thankfully Angel baby has been so so so good. What an answer to prayer. She's pretty content to sit in her bouncer seat or lay on the floor underneath a play thing. Hardly any fussing at all! Ya!!

What have I learned through these past few days? Although I knew it already I have experienced the unconditional, over-the-top love of my Hubby. He's been so amazing. He's amazing all the time but these past two days he's really came through in so many ways. I'm so blessed!

Here are a few pictures from my day yesterday. Real life changing stuff here people!

My yummy snack for the day

Allie dog feeling sorry for mommy!

Ok, here it is folks! My (empty) puke bucket!

My crutches...Yes, right next to our still up Christmas decorations which I was planning on taking down this week which will not happen now but oh well!


And let's add the flu to the equation!

Now in addition to my swollen extremely painful ankle I have the flu. It probably didn't help matters by what I ate yesterday:

Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast - ok that's not so bad
A KFC chicken snacker and root beer float for lunch
2 waffles with way too much syrup for supper
A brownie and glass of milk for snack

Ya, not gonna be winning the Weight Watcher of the year award!

Appreciate your prayers!


Wipe Out

I was telling Princess yesterday that I've been such a clutz lately. I've been tripping and dropping things - something totally unlike me. The other day I dropped a full gallon of milk and it burst open all over the kitchen floor. Ya, that was fun.

So this morning Angel and I are walking around and we go downstairs. I see a sock on the floor at the bottom of the stairs, I had just brought laundry down and it must have fell out. I reach down to pick it up only to realize that I'm not at the bottom and I wipe out major. BAM! Hit the floor - thankfully Angel didn't. On a scale of 1-10 the pain was like 124. Plus I didn't know to do... I couldn't move, I was still trying to hold Angel and I didn't have my cell phone one. After about 10 minutes I calmed myself down despite the pain, laid Angel on the floor and slowly crawled over to the phone and called Hubby.

That's where the drama ends I guess. It's just a bad sprain although it hurts to bad I can't believe it's not broken. The DR said I need to stay off it until the end of the week (you've got to be kidding me!) and then go back and see what kind of brace to get for it. I had so much planned to do this week. We are really trying to get Angel into a routine and so we were looking forward to not having too many people hold her (no offense anyway-just working on that bonding!). I was going to take down my Christmas decorations and get all of Angels amazing gifts put away (we were thrown a baby shower yesterday), clean my house - oh my goodness it's been like 2 weeks since I've REALLY cleaned and I was so looking forward to that.

Ok, I'll stop being a baby. I have an amazing Hubby. He spent the day at home and he's trying to get his schedule worked out so he can be home as much as possible. Not sure about the rest of the time - we're still talking to people about coming to help. But anyway, he's been such a busy beaver, doing laundry, cleaning up Angel's gifts, making supper, taking Angel when I can't hold her anymore, listening to me cry and moan and groan.

Oh ya Princess is so kind. I texted her today and told her what happened. After school she called and when I said hello she said "Hi clutz". Where is the love?

p.s. Angel is 10 weeks today! She's such a big girl. I'll try to post some pictures from the baby shower soon.


Breaking News

We interrupt your day to bring you some not so interesting breaking news.


That's right folks. We have learned that the mommy of an Angel baby has done nothing for the past 13 days but hold her baby and stare at her baby. Every 3-4 hours she will feed the baby, burp the baby and change the baby. And then she holds her again and stares at her some more.

This is a tragedy of epic proportions because the Hubby wants to hold the baby and stare at the baby. And the sister wants to hold the baby and stare at the baby. And the Gramas want to hold the baby and stare at the baby.

What's a baby to do with so much love?