Almost There!

It seems like I've been saying that for a long time, in reference to our basement. But really it's only been about 6 weeks. Our basement is very very close to being finished. Hopefully this week we'll finish up the last things before our carpet can be installed.

We painted Princess's room and the extra bedroom and the living room. The living room is very yellow. Hasn't quite grown on me yet. I told Hubby that one of the walls has to be something other than yellow. I'm all for brightness and sunshine and all but it's a little extreme. :-)

The garage sale is this next weekend! We spent the whole day yesterday sorting and organizing and cleaning. We have alot of stuff and I still haven't went through my stuff and there are a number of friends that still have stuff to bring over. Pray for us that it will be successful in raising money to go towards our adoption.

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