A Devotion by Princess Quittem

Simple Pleasures
Psalm 16:11

Many times in life it seems like I skip over the small, relaxing, pleasures to continue with my busy schedule. But we can’t continue to do that. Imagine if we skipped over every simple pleasure in our life. Skipping over sunsets, chocolate, afternoon naps, family time, alone time, flowers, the sun, and God’s love. What if we skipped over all those great things, especially the last one? God’s love. If we skipped over that can you imagine how messy our life would truly be? Our life would be pointless.

But there is a simple truth to that simple pleasure. God sent His son to die for us because He loves us. No matter how busy God gets, He has time to provide us with all those simple pleasures. So make sure you find time to enjoy all those simple pleasures our God created just for us. Most importantly, make sure you find time to enjoy the greatest simple pleasure ever created, God’s love.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for creating all the simple pleasures in each one of our lives. Help us to make time in our busy schedules for all your great creations. Thank you for your Son, so we can enjoy your love as a simple pleasure too.

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