First Day of School

Monday was the first day of school for Princess! She's so grown up - only two years left til she's out in the real world on her own! :-( We're so proud of her. God has gifted her with the gift of writing and drawing and she has been using those gifts to glorify Him by writing devotionals. She's also kind and tenderhearted and funny and compassionate and a good listener. Most importantly she loves Jesus and desires to serve Him with her whole life. Pray for her this year and all the kids in school. They are faced with so much temptation and peer pressure. As parents we need to be engaged and be in the center of the lives - even if they aren't always happy about it! A good book that Hubby and I are reading through is "Pass The Faith Please" by Lori Borgman. I recommend it for any parents or parents to be out there!

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