My wacked out, psychotic, hormonal, pain inducing reproductive system

Rated M for mature audiences! :-)

We've decided to tackle my wacked out, psychotic, hormonal, pain inducing reproductive system again.

Way back in college, about 1994, I had my first experience with my wacked out, psychotic, hormonal, pain inducing reproductive system. I woke up to excruciating pain and went into the bathroom. I passed out as I got out of the shower (even put a huge hole in the wall where my head hit!). Anyway my roommate takes me to the ER where they find out I have grapefruit size cysts on my ovaries. I go into surgery after they tell me they may need to take my ovaries. Oh gee, that's comforting! Thankfully that didn't happen but one of the cysts had ruptured causing internal bleeding so they couldn't use a scope, they had to cut me open....which started this whole big mess with my wacked out, psychotic, hormonal, pain inducing reproductive system

Long story short, I've battled cysts and pain every month since then. In addition, since that first surgery scar tissue has grown and grown around my ovaries and created all types of havoc. My first husband and I battled infertility and saw numerous doctors all of them telling us they didn't really know what was wrong, I have scar tissue and that's probably what's wrong, the only way to get pregnant is to do invitro.

So when hubby and I got married I knew we'd have this battle again. We've also been to numerous doctors, all of them saying the same thing. We've never pursued invitro, just never having peace about it and feeling we'd rather spend $10,000 on adoption. However, I've heard of other "methods" to treat infertility and we've never looked at those options. I would make an appointment or actually see a different doctor but then give up after a few months. Not sure if I'm just lazy, or doubtful, or sometimes I think I convince myself that God doesn't need these doctors for me to get pregnant. I know that's true but I also know my body has a wacked out, psychotic, hormonal, pain inducing reproductive system and that God can use these doctors to help bring healing. I don't want to look back 10 years from now and regret not looking into other things.

So yesterday after once again having to deal with my wacked out, psychotic, hormonal, pain inducing reproductive system I started to do some research and ask close friends about their experiences.

On Friday I have an appointment with a doctor/chiropractor/massage therapist/acupuncturist. She's had specific experience with infertility and even if I don't get pregnant I would love to find some relief from my wacked out, psychotic, hormonal, pain inducing reproductive system. Then next Tuesday I have an appointment with a family doctor who works alot with infertility and who works closely with the Creighton Model. My first question will be if my tubes are messed up or I have all this scar tissue and fibroids, then will the Creighton Model really do anything? And then just in case the family doctor wants me to see a OBGYN specialist I made an appointment with an OBGYN (3 weeks from now) that specializes in wacked out, psychotic, hormonal, pain inducing reproductive systems and infertility.

I can't say that I'm looking forward to having a gazillion needles poking me but I'm told by some dear friends that it's not that creepy and that the acupuncturist doctor is really great. She is a graduate of my alma mater's rival so that brings me great concern. Go rabbits!

At the same we still feel called to adopt so we're going to proceed with our adoption plans. We have orientation on October 6th with the agency that will be doing our home study and possibly our adoption. (We haven't decided 100% yet if we should do an agency or private adoption.)

Hubby is so patient as I deal with my wacked out, psychotic, hormonal, pain inducing reproductive system and for that I'm very grateful. He's promised that he'll encourage and support me through another round of doctoring. One of my friends said it's pretty much a part time job charting all that needs charted for the Creighton Model but if it can bring healing and maybe even a little one I'm ready for the challenge!


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