I was on my way to work this morning thinking about my blog. "I wonder if anyone reads my blog." I thought to myself. "Hhmmm, I better come up with something way better than 'Life with Charlie'."

Talk about pressure. Does anyone else feel this tremendous weight on their shoulders to come up with witty, informative, inspirational and life-changing blogs? I've noticed that a good majority of blogs are written by women. No offense, guys, I've seen some good blogs written by you too. But the majority of those that I read are written by women. And the majority of the ones that make me laugh so hard I wet my pants or cry so hard my husband thinks Charlie died, are written by women.

Women. We do it all don't we? Among other things we pay the bills, buy the groceries, keep the house in order, kiss the kid's owies, make marvelous meals and keep our hubbies happy. Ok, we don't really do it all. As a bible believing Christian woman that would be disrespectful of my fabulous husband to convince you of this. But I do have to say, us womenly folk do alot.

And now, thanks to blogland we have the added pressure to create masterpieces of wit and charm, bring encouragement and comfort to complete strangers and convince about a gazillion people that we actually know what we're talking about...

I stand corrected. The title of this post should be privilege.

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Ryan said...

I'm reading :-)

I know what you mean about pressure. I feel that sometimes, too. But in the words from a comment on my own blog a while back,

"We have an audience of One, so we write. Some of the best “blog entries” were written in the private journals of saints who passed long before the transistor was invented. They were delighful in the eyes of our heavenly Father. While most of those entries never saw the light of day, when they did, they often were used by God to change souls. So perhaps it is best to write, then trust God to lead the right people to the right writings in the right time."