The Transformers

I laughed hard tonight. It was the first night of Life Groups. Life Groups are our high school youth small groups. They meet every Sunday night in homes. I have the priveledge of being an adult leader and it's one of the most rewarding things I do.

We have two student leaders for each group and they pretty much do everything. They plan the lesson and the games and whatever else we do. I'm just there to provide help when needed but these kids are so awesome - they need help very rarely.

Since it was our first night tonight we just hung out and talked and laughed SO MUCH! We talked alot about the name of our Life Group. Last year we were PowerHouse (taken from Eph 3:17-21) but we have a new group of kids so they wanted something different. Oh my goodness, they are so funny. The final vote came down to...

Circle of Friends
GPS (God's Postal Service - delivering His Word)
Global Warming (something about the fire of God ??)

The winner was Transformers and our verse is Romans 12:2.

These kids are so awesome. If you aren't involved with kids, whether it be babies, toddlers, preschoolers, elementary, middle school or high school I really encourage you to pray about how you can be used. It is so rewarding and I learn something from these kids every night. They really aren't all that scary :-)

I'm not sure what the names of the other Life Groups are but I do know we have the most amazing group of Transformers and I count it all joy to spend my Sunday nights with them!

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