Call From the Little Man!

Yesterday my phone rang and the caller id said it was the Grandma of our God-child, the little boy we took care of a few years ago. I say hello and low and behold it's the little man himself!

"Hi Missy" says this cute little voice, one that's no longer babyish but so grown up.

We had a wonderful conversation about nothing (he's 3 1/2) although I did find out he's going to dress up like a tiger to go trick or treating. I said, "Can you take a picture for me" and he says "No, we don't have a picture." "-) And he knows his ABC's but wasn't in the mood to recite them and he's coming back to visit in a few months too.

It's amazing that he remembers us. We took care of him from when he was 1 until he was 2 - almost exactly a year and then we've seen him just 2 times since then (they live way far away from us!). Thankfully we get to talk on the phone but we don't call nearly enough. His mom and grandma and grandpa have done a great job of helping him remember us and we're so grateful.

The picture on the side bar of my blog is a picture of him and his older brother. That was when we went and saw them last June. Talking to him is so wonderful but it also makes my heart ache to give him a great big hug. We're so thankful for him and his family. It also makes me long for little ones in our home. I'm trusting God with that though and in the meantime can't wait for the next call from the little man!

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