Happy Birthday Hubby!

Yes, it's Hubby's birthday today, October 8th. In honor of his birthday I thought I would pick a random number...hhmmm, let's say 39... and tell you 39 things that I love about Hubby.

1. He tells me he loves me every day
2. He gives me kisses every day
3. He is a wonderful daddy
4. He's taught our puppies cool tricks
5. He loves the Lord
6. He leads our family in devotions every night
7. He leads our family in prayer at every meal
8. He teases my mom and dad and brothers and sisters
9. He gives great bear hugs
10. He can fix anything
11. He can build anything
12. He knows everything about building and fixing things
13. He loves his football team (Patriots)
14. But not so much that our family time is neglected
15. He watches chick flicks with me
16. He wrestles with Princess (and often loses!)
17. He's a kid at heart
18. He loves his mom
19. He's an amazing artist
20. He's creative and can visualize just about anything
21. He writes really great cards on my birthday and anniversary
22. He loves flowers
23. When one of us is out of town he'll chat with me on msn messenger
24. He's a great cook
25. He never uses a recipe and it always comes out tasting amazing (how do you do that??)
26. He usually helps clean the house w/o complaining (usually!)
27. He gives great back rubs
28. He chaperones the all nighter youth events
29. He appreciates a beautiful sunset
30. His favorite part of the paper is the comic strip
31. He supports my blogging addiction
32. He helps Princess study her Vocab words
33. He's competitive but not so much that it's annoying
34. He makes me laugh
35. He likes to rock out to loud music
36. He wants to adopt two kids (possibly at the same time)
37. He often sacrifices for me or the kids
38. He desires for others to know Jesus
39. He's all mine!

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