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I know it's been a few days since I blogged. Hubby has been accusing me of having a blogging addiction so I had to prove him wrong! You'd think he'd be impressed that I haven't blogged or even turned on the computer for 3 days. But no, he just says "you've been too busy...you didn't have time to blog anyway." Ya whatever, there's always time to blog!

Anyway, I have been busy. Today was our Day Spa for Women and it was amazing! Very exhausting. The last few days have been full of talking to mom about supplies and plans, preparing a message to share, memorizing a skit plus trying to get all my work done at my job and keep the house somewhat in order. We had about 20 women come today and the Lord's Spirit really moved. It's so humbling to be a part of His work. You can check out our Day Spa for Women blog here - Ya, I got my mom addicted, I mean excited about blogging! :-)

So pray for the women that came to the Day Spa today that the time they had with the Lord today would renew them and refresh them and they would sense the God's Spirit with them each and every day.

I know, I know... I promised a picture of hubby's Jeep. Good news, we found the battery charger for our camera and it's charging as I type. So hopefully tomorrow I'll post that picture for ya!

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Anonymous said...

Missy, I have prayed for you 2, I have a sister-in-law who has also gone through the same things you guys are. It has been so hard for her to conceive , she has had 2 bouts with cancer. I will someday tell you her inspirational story.