The First Meeting

We met with the young lady considering us for adoption today at 1:00 at a friend's house. We were so nervous. Well actually I was nervous, Hubby said he was just excited. Even though we know anything can happen it was still very cool.

It was quite uncomfortable in the beginning. I'm thankful our friend and friend's daugther (the one who made the connection with us) were there. They asked most of the questions as we just sat there! Hubby actually did most of the talking. I was so proud if him - I haven't heard him talk that much in.... well, I don't know that I've heard him talk that much ever!

We found out we have alot in common. Her and the father are artists and they really want a family that is artistic and will encourage the baby to be artistic. So we were able to share about my drama, Hubby's art, photography and graphic design and Princess's art, photography and writing. That was cool. And then she also loves horses and all animals so she wasn't the least bit shocked about our 3 puppies. Now that's a miracle! :-)

It would be an open adoption, but we don't know yet how open she is thinking. We were excited to hear that she'll be meeting with our adoption agency on Monday so hopefully after that meeting we'll learn more.

It was very exciting to meet with her today but we know we have a long road ahead of us. Although it's only about 14 weeks til the baby is born (approximately 3rd week of January) there's alot that could happen between now and then.

We so appreciate your prayers! For the mom and dad, for us, for the baby, for paperwork, for the mom's family.

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