Speak to us Lord!

Today we met with Barb, she's a nurse that works with the Creighton Model. We're meeting with her mainly because I've felt so icky lately but also to possibly look at our fertility options. I've already been charting for about 3 weeks and after our meeting today she said she could recognize some things that are not working right, which could be any or all of the following: hormonal imbalance, endomedtriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, scar tissue from my previous surgeries. So I continue to chart for at least 2 months before she'll make a recommendation but she said because of the pain I've been experiencing it wouldn't hurt to make an appointment with the OBGYN Creighton Model Specialist that she works with. I did that and can't get in to see her until November 26th so we will have a little over 2 months of charting. Barb gave me a book about Creighton Model patients and based on my other research, this book and my symptons I'm pretty sure they are going to recommend that I'll need surgery to remove the scar tissue/endomedtriosis that I probably have.

So right now we're real challenged to know what God's will is. I do not want to have another surgery. I feel like we'd be throwing away money for a slight chance to conceive when we could put that money towards an adoption (but at the same time we are also doing this so I can feel better). I would probably be open to have a laproscopy but that's what they tried 3 years ago and the adhesions and such was too severe.

We also don't know if we should put the adoption on hold through this process of seeing the doctor. As I cried with Hubby tonight I told him I don't care how we add to our family, I just want to know God's will and do that.

Speaking of adoption our meeting with an expectant mom will be Thursday at 1:00. We appreciate your prayers as we seek God's will through the adoption process and the treatment of my wacked out body! :-)

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