Things I Did On Saturday

Although I didn't get my whole list done we had a busy, productive day so I guess I should be happy with that.

1. Slept in - if you call 8:17 am sleeping in - that's sleeping in for me.
2. Read my chronological bible - I just bought it a few days ago and it's so cool - alot of historical information.
3. Prince (Pat's son) came over and we hung out and then he took our humungous old tv (Yahoo!! We've been trying to get rid of that thing for weeks!).
4. Hubby and I went and got lunch and then sat at the "Goose Park" - a really cool park with a pond and 100's of geese and then drove to a few stores to look for nursery decorating ideas.
5. Got home and took a nap with Hubby.
6. Hubby and I CLEANED THE GARAGE! It only took us 3 hours and now we can get both our vehicles in the garage. It's amazing!
7. Did about 1/2 the laundry.
8. We drove over to Prince's new apartment (first time on his own!) and then went to Wally World and got him stocked up with groceries and things he needed for the apartment.
9. Came home, made out a menu for the next week and 1/2 and then went back to Wally World and got groceries for us along with a bunch of other stuff we really didn't need! We decided our "theme" for the nursery will be Winnie the Pooh (ya! Hubby wasn't so sure at first but I convinced him :-)) and we found a crib set (we already have the crib).
10. Relax, blog, watch "Jon and Kate Plus 8", off to bed soon.

Hope you have a blessed weekend!

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