Beating the Odds

Sorry for the scary picture. That was me and Hubby last year at his work's Christmas "Prom" party. Ya! 80's all the way!

Anyway, I'm so excited for this weekend. Hubby and I are attending the Weekend to Remember marriage conference AND we splurged and are staying at a hotel even though the conference is in our home town.

Our marriage didn't start out so hot. We were both unbelievers. I was running from my first marriage and Hubby was running from being alone. We were hurting which caused us to be hurtful and low and behold getting married didn't solve anything. About 6 months after getting married I recommitted my life to Christ and things just got worse. About 6 months after that Princess got saved and then Hubby was really in a bad situation (or so he thought!). I eventually learned to keep my mouth shut (most of the time) and show Hubby the love of Christ instead of my own selfish love. It was actually a fight between me and Princess that brought Hubby to his knees and he accepted Christ as his savior.

And things didn't get better. Not right away anyway. I remember hearing Dr Phil share that marriages that start the way ours did, only about 10% of them last. Sorry Dr Phil, you got nothing on us because our God is bigger than 10%!

On New Years Eve we'll be married 5 years. Every year since we've gotten married has been better than the one before and God has shown His mercy and grace to us in so many ways. So I'm thankfully able to say we are not attending the Weekend to Remember conference because we're struggling in our marriage. However, we both learned the hard way that marriage takes work. It takes committment. It's not about feelings - it's about being committed to each other through anything and being committed to Christ makes that journey alot easier.

Plus we figure that Lord willing we'll have a baby soon so we won't have a chance for a weekend getaway for awhile. Hope y'all have a great weekend. I know we will!

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Ryan said...

Sweet post. I love to hear God work like this. Enjoy the conference!