One down, five to go!

It's a miracle. It really is. We've finally finished one of our profile books for our adoption. I say "one" because we have to make SIX of them! Yikes! But really the other 5 will be easy because now we have everything set up.

Anyway Hubby is a graphic artist and a perfectionist. I love to scrapbook and am a perfectionist. That is a deadly combination. Needless to say we've been working on this one profile book for about 2 years now. Well, maybe it's been more like 2 months but it's seemed like forever.

It also made it difficult because we know at least one of the expectant moms that will be looking at it. The one that we met last month and is working with our adoption agency. She'll be the first to see it to help her with her decision of what family to choose for her baby. Yikes! That made us question every single picture that we were going to put in the book. And question every single thing we thought we should say. So we finally decided we cannot think about the expectant mom, we have to just be real, be ourselves and not worry about it.

So last night about 10:30 we finished. I've been feeling horrible and was crabby. Hubby was crabby. Honestly it wasn't the funnest project we've worked on together but when it was finally done it felt so good. It felt like we'd climbed Mt Everest.

And then I had the weirdest feeling: I didn't want to mail it. I wanted to keep it. It was so pretty and amazing and made me cry every time I looked at it. Even this morning before work I stopped at the post office and sat in the car and had to look at it two more times wondering, should I mail it? I love it so much!

Wow, that sounds really weirdo now. But I guess it's because I love my family so much. I love how God has blessed us and how I look back over the past 5 years and see how He has changed us and molded us and brought healing and love to our family.

But I did mail it. And I love how God has brought us on this new journey. Even though it's really hard and sometimes I just want to throw in the towel, I love that the mother of my child will look at the pictures and read it one day and say "I want them."

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