So we stayed at this amazing, plush hotel this weekend for the Weekend to Remember marriage conference. Did I say it was amazing?

We are sleeping soundly on Saturday night, having sweet dreams about our wonderful marriage and all we've learned this weekend. At about 4:00 AM I wake up to the most disgusting, awful smell I've ever smelled. I wake up Hubby...

"Is that you"

"What are you talking about" (except he said it all sleepy like)

"That smell! Is that you"


It smelled like dog poop. In our bed. Right next to our face, like on our pillow or something. I was tempted to start feeling around but wait, we don't have a dog in the room so how is it possible that a dog could poop on our pillow?

I continue to complain and Hubby starts snoring again. He obviously doesn't have the amazing smell detecting nostrils that I do. I get up, go out into the hallway. Hhmmm, doesn't smell so bad out here.


I start thinking out loud, "Maybe God is trying to tell us our doggies are in trouble!" (We left them home alone for the weekend.)

Hubby awakes from his so called deep snoring sleep and says, "Maybe God is trying to tell us to clean up the poop in our back yard."

Ya ok, that must be it.

We never did find out where the horrendous poop fumes were coming from. Being the loving Christians folks that we are, we didn't even complain to the manager.

Ok, it's probably not cuz we're loving Christians (although we are), it's probably more like we didn't want say to the manager "We woke up at 4 am and smelled dog poop! We want a refund!" How stupid is that!


jen said...

Ewww! Were up for the rest of the night or were you able to ignore the smell and sleep? Ewwww!

Chuck and Jenny said...

"Maybe God is trying to tell us to clean up the poop in our back yard."

Made me snort Diet Pepsi!!