A Different Kind of Day

Crying, burping, poopy baby - what else could we ask for! It's been a good day loving on Angel, helping her get to know us. She's already a mama's girl so I've been trying my hardest not to hog her so Hubby can get some good bonding time.

We'll be taking a bloggy break to have some much needed time with Angel. Thanks again for your prayers. We know it was a miracle that Angel is home with us already.

Have a very blessed Christmas.

Angel sleeping with Daddy

Princess meeting her little sister

Our three amazing kids! Prince, Angel and Princess

Angel meeting the doggies. They are doing very well, although Ed doesn't like it when Angel cries - he cries too. :-)


jen said...

Oh my! I am just over the top excited for you! I am thrilled to see that Angel is with your for Christmas - what a wonderful gift! This will be a memorable Christmas to be sure!


Leah said...

I'm so happy for you guys! Have a wonderful time adjusting to each other...praying for you!