Happy Birthday Princess!

Our sweet Princess is 17 today. I've had the pleasure of being her step-mom for 5 years and it has been such a joy. We've had our ups and downs, that's for sure, but God has seen us through it all.

Princess you truly are a gift from God. I couldn't love you more if I had given birth to you. You are that ray of sunshine that brightens our day everytime we see you. We love your silly faces and goofy laugh. You amaze us with the wisdom God has given you. You have such an insight into the heart of God and into the heart of His people. You love deeply and that means sometimes you get hurt deeply. But through it all, through the questions, the joy and sorrow, the good days and bad you have kept your feet walking in the way of the Lord

It's not always easy having 4 parents but you do your best to be respectful and honoring of all 4 of us and that is amazing! We know that going back and forth between our home and your moms is not easy and some days it's just down right annoying. But again, your attitude has always been one of gratitude and you let Christ shine through you.

Princess, your determination through cross-country amazed us. Most everyone else would have given up after the struggles you endured but not you. "Give up" is not a word you will probably ever utter. You are strong and persistant and have a heart of perserverance. I know because I not only saw it in cross-country but with the wrestling matches with your dad!

You are an amazing little sister. Prince is so blessed to have your love and encouragement. You are also an amazing big sister. Although Omarea wasn't with us for long you loved him like he was our own and we know he'll never forget that.

The other night you said to me, "The princess is turning into a queen!". It was pretty funny but I know it's true, as much as we'd like to stop it from happening. You are growing into a beautiful young lady and soon will spread your wings and fly. We love you sweet girl. We pray for you every day and ask that God protect you and speak to you and make Himself known to you. We pray that you will always seek the wisdom of God before the wisdom of man. And we hope you will never ever forget that we are here for you no matter what life brings.

We love you so so so so much! We pray you have a wonderful day today on your birthday and that God blesses you with many more. Happy Birthday Princess!


Anonymous said...

what happened to the little girl in the glamour shots? she is so beautifula nd so grown up, you have done a wonderful job Pat and Missy.

Missy said...

LOL! Oh, that little girl is still on our fridge! :-) Yes, we thank God everyday for the wonderful blessing of her. Thanks for the card and picture - can't believe how big your kids are getting too. And just think Pat will have a 17 yr old, 19 yr old and 6 week old! :-)