No Fingerprints for Princess!

Hubby and I have already been fingerprinted for our adoption but we still needed to get Princess done. We found out that even though our state doesn't require minors in the home to get fingerprinted at this time, the law could change before we get our baby so our social worker thought it was important.

So we have her fingerprint form, $12.50 in EXACT change (Why? That's all I'd like to know) and get there just before they close. We sign in, get our special pass and head upstairs to the Sheriff's office.

And then I remembered. Uh, Princess, do you have your id? Nope!

Since they have the craziest hours we didn't have time to go home to get her id and make it back in time. So tomorrow we'll try again.

The night wasn't all bad though. It was family night and we pigged out at an all you can eat pizza place. Nothing like a pizza induced coma to make you forget all your adoption frustrations!

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Leah said...

Arggg! It's always something isn't it?! I'm glad you at least got you and hubby's done, I hope tomorrow isn't too much of a pain...one step closer to baby!!:)