Downward Spiral

Topics I've been contemplating writing about:

1. Every time we change Angel she pees on us. I thought only the boys did that?
2. Given my ankle injury and sickness and Hubby getting sick Princess offered, well was bribed, to pick up the doggies poop in the backyard.
3. One of the most exciting events of the past week was using the diaper genie.
4. Although Angel isn't the world's meanest trucker she burbs like she is.
5. Princess got sick too so sorry neighbors, the stock pile of fertilizer will continue in the backyard.

Doesn't get much better than that folks!


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Jeana said...

Boys and girls both pee on you during diaper change, but boys have better aim and are more likely to hit the face, so you hear more stories about them.

Your angel is beautiful! Congratulations!