On The Road!

Well, not quite. We leave for Estes Park, CO tomorrow bright and early. We are taking 4 bus loads of kids and adults to youth camp for the week. Amazing! It will be very amazing if check in goes as I've planned and prayed it would go. I had a wonderful crew of helpers there today getting all set up. The kids are so excited. I'm probably the only one a little bummed because my hubby is staying behind. I need to just move past that, don't I. I'll be so thankful he stayed home when I get home in a week and see the house completely finished! I made him a To Do list last night :-) It's only up to #12! We'll see what else I can come up with.

I'm off to do laundry and pack and make more lists!

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Anonymous said...

hey there, good luck and have a safe trip

thanks for sending me a letter and keeping me updated