One Little Step

That's what it seems like sometimes - little step after little step, never really getting anywhere. I know that's not true - those little steps will soon lead us to Ehiopia to bring our babies home!

We received an email today from our case manager! I was thinking we wouldn't hear anything for a week at least so that was exciting to get that email. Our case manager welcomed us and assured us that she's with us every step of the way. I had a few questions - mainly, do we wait until after the home study to start our other paperwork. hhmmm.

We also received word from our home study provider! Ya! I sent our information to the office here locally and should have sent it to the main office - bummer! So they will forward it on and we probably won't hear anything for a few days.

Princess (Pat's 16 yr old) and I leave for youth camp in Colorado on Sunday. We're gone for a week - not sure if I can get a connection there or not - Hubby may have to do some blogging! :-)

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Mommy said...

We brought home our CWA Ethiopia kids in January. You can ABSOLUTELY start gathering all of the dossier paperwork now - reference letters, physical forms, bank letters, employment letters, birth certificates. You can start today.