Almost Done!

Yes - our basement is almost done! It's so exciting! My dad is coming tomorrow to help hubby finish up a few things and then the sheetrockers come on Monday and should be done within a few days with sheet rocking and drywall. We ordered carpet yesterday - that was exciting let me tell ya! So within a week or so we should be able to paint. The carpet won't be here for 3 weeks or so but that's ok - it'll give us just enough time to finish up what we need.

It's so cool to almost have the basement done - family room, 2 more bedrooms, another bathroom, laundry room! The not so cool thing is the amount of money it's taking! We have been able to do some of the work ourselves and hire people that are really giving us a good deal but every $ that goes towards the basement is a $ that doesn't go towards the adoption. I know we have to finish the basement before we have more kids but it's still hard.

I'll take a picture now and then take an after picture so you can see what an awesome job hubby's doing!

On the adoption side of things please pray for us! I know you are already but specifically we are now considering adopting two kids that are a little older than we had originally talked about. We found a brother and sister on our agencies photo listing that were 4 and 6 years old. Hubby was interested too and so we decided to pray about it and email our agency to see if they had more information. I emailed them today at noon asking for information. We didn't hear anything but then at about 3:30 I checked the photo listing again and their picture was gone! Eeick! So I'm not sure if someone else claimed them or if they got our email and took their picture off.

Please pray that we'd be patient and know God's will for the age of kids to adopt. I'll let you know what we hear about the 2 little ones we were interested in - unfortunately have to wait til Monday!

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Patrick said...

We had to go through the same process. Our basement is now %95 complete. We still have some odds and ends like molding, finished closets and a shower door, but it all looks great. Enjoy the journey!