Slowly but surely...

We're starting to get some of our dossier paperwork in. We've received one reference letter back and today in the mail we received all of our certificates (birth, marriage, etc). That was way faster than we expected. Hubby's already gotten his employment verification, I still need to do that. Tomorrow Hubby and Princess have their doctor's appointments, I have mine on Friday. So it's cool to see things come together.

Our orienation with our home study agency isn't until August 11th - that seems like forever - I guess 4 weeks exactly. By that time we need to have our packet of information completed and sent in to them, which we should actually have completed this week. This includes our "Personal Statment" in which we have to write out our personality, interests, beliefs, how our past has effected the type of people we are, how we see ourselves in the future. This is alot more challenging then writing out our testimony. Pray that the Lord will give us the words we need.

We keep hearing about the mayhem with getting passports. That's kind of scary - we need to get ours ordered soon because we hear it can take up to 6 months. Who knows we might be ready to travel in 6 months!

I continue to let fear creep into my thoughts...thinking "what are we doing?", "why are we going through all this work and spending all this money". I know this is God's will though and there are so many beautiful children in Ethiopia that need homes (4 million and counting) and honestly it's not just about them - it's about hubby and I having children together, giving Princess another sibling, feeling called to adopt through Ethiopia - so much more than just these children need a forever family. Pray that we would persevere through the paperwork and questioning and frundraising.

We sponsor an Ethiopian child through Food For The Hungry and got an update letter today. It was so exciting! Before we started this adoption process our sponsorship of Dawit was much more impersonal. But now after doing research and learning about Ethiopia and hearing about and seeing new friends go pick up their children in Ethiopia it's so much more real. One of the families on CWA's web-board was able to go to one of Compassion's villages and see the children. It would be so awesome if we could meet Dawit. I looked up the village where he's from and it's only 150 km from Addis, where we'll be when we travel there.

Ok - that's all for now - please also pray for me as I'm getting over the flu or something that's knocked me out for a couple days. I need to get back to work fulltime, hopefully tomorrow. God bless, have a great day!

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I will be praying for you