Unfortunately not alot to report.

Our basement is coming along nicely. The drywallers should be done Tuesday or Wednesday. It's amazing to see the basement with walls and actual rooms. We'll finalize our carpet order today and that will be here in a few weeks - just enough time to paint, put up trim, hang doors, etc. Unfortunately we won't have any money left to furnish the basement - but that's ok! :-)

Wait, wait and wait some more - that's all that's new with our adoption! On Tuesday we're taking the afternoon off work to go finish up what's left of our dossier paperwork. Things like our police clearance, apply for our passport, report from our bank, etc. On August 11th we have our home study orientation. It kind of stinks we haven't been able to move faster with our home study but I suppose it's a blessing because it's giving us time to just focus on one thing at a time (the basement now).

Please continue to pray for us about whether to adopt one or two children. It would be less expensive in the long run to adopt two now but we don't want that to be the only reason to do it - plus it would mean we'd have to have $3000 more when we submit our dossier. Pat really doesn't want to fly to Ethiopia (he's not real fond of flying) and I'm hesitant to go by myself to get two babies. My mom has offered to come with though. Also, if we adopt two children do we request twins or just two "infants", usually one a few months old and one a toddler. I think twins would be easier but Pat says the other. Hhhmmm? SO, we have some major decisions to make within the next 2 months. We appreciate your prayers.

Tomorrow we're off to Valley Fair with our youth group. It will be me and hubby, our youth director and his girlfriend, one other chaperone and then 20 teenagers. FUN!
:-) They keep us young that's for sure!

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