Rockin and Waitin!

In a few hours we'll be heading to LifeLight to rock out for Jesus! The Lord gave us a beautiful weekend - last year there was about 2 feet of mud and it was a horrible mess. This year it's going to be sunny and beautiful. We're so thankful Lord!

We're also waiting for more news about the adoption. I can't tell many details but I can share that a family has selected us for adoption. The babies are due next month! Yes, I said "babies" - it's twins! PRAY FOR US and for the birth family and babies. The Lord has given us peace through this all and for that we're thankful. Now we're scrambling to finish our basement and get all our paperwork in order.

Maybe we won't spend too much time at LifeLight! The basement is calling our name!

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jen said...

Twins!!! Ack - that is SO awesome! So excited for you!