Stockin Up

Ok, maybe we're crazy but we decided that if we are blessed with two little ones in just a little over three weeks (yikes!) we need to be prepared. So we decided that at least once a week when we go to the store we'll buy a back of diapers. If it's not God's will that we adopt the babies then we'll just give the diapers to our local pregnancy crisis center.

Tonight we had to run to Wally World and found ourselves in the baby section. Ok, so we didn't get just diapers! Princess was with us and she's so sweet, she's so excited about possibly getting a little brother and sister. So we had to look at all the clothes and they had a bunch of newborn clothes on clearance. We picked out the following for each baby: a pack of onesies, a sleeper and a little jumper outfit.

I assured Hubby we wouldn't buy any more clothes, just diapers. :-) Oh, Lord please let it be your will that these little ones are to be a part of our family!


jen said...

Yay! Do you have any idea when you'll know more?

Bree said...

Missy, so good to get caught up on your journey. God does have good things in store doesn't he?
Much love,