Headaches and Hormones

(Once again - a post with information that you could probably care less about. I recently won an award for the most boring life in the entire universe and I'm sorry but this is all I have to talk about!)

Guess what! I'm fertile! LOL. I couldn't wait to say that.

So I had my first appointment last Friday with my new doctor. She tells me, "You need to get rid of this mental roadblock you have that you are infertile. I never want to hear you say that word again. Yes, God may give you children through adoption but He also might give you children biologically. You are fertile."

Ok! After my appointment I go back to work and all the ladies ask me how my appointment went. "I'm fertile!" I say. Ya, maybe I had a mental roadblock but I'm sorry I just can't keep saying that to people!

Anyway so as I shared with you on Saturday my headache got worse on Friday night and Saturday and Sunday. So I'm thinking for sure I have a tumor and I'm so going to die any minute. Then I realized I hadn't had a soda since Thursday night. This is the lady that has a Mt Dew for breakfast, usually one for lunch and then at least one or two more throughout the rest of the day. So yes, I'm drinking water like my new doctor has instructed but I also went cold turkey on the Dew and my brain was having a serious withdrawal.

Today I had another treatment and it went well. She did some work on my neck to help relieve the headache and it actually did help. I see the other doctor tomorrow that will hopefully provide us some more natural ways for me to most importantly feel better but also increase our chances of taking advantage of this fertile body of mine! :-)

I changed my mind about not saying that word. I think when the doctor comes into the examination room and asks me how I am, I'm going to say, "I'm fertile!".

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