Learning From a Bag of Chips

I'd like to share with you another chapter in the life of the most boring person in the world. Hang on to your hats!

After work I stopped at the store and purchased 40 bags of snack size chips. All different kinds. Then after supper, Hubby headed to the garage again to work on his Jeep (almost done, ya!).

I take out all the bags of chips and then I took one bag of Doritos and one bag of Cheetos. I empty the chips into a bowl (Doritos in one bowl, Cheetos in another). I then put the Doritos into the Cheetos bag and the Cheetos into the Doritos bag. Then I take a glue stick and glue the bags back together - oh ya, I forgot a step. I had to earlier carefully open the bag so it could be sealed back up.

"WHAT! Have you lost your mind?" you ask. Nope - just another night in the life of the most boring person in the world!

Ok, there is a purpose but first I'll finish my story. So I do the switch-a-roo on about 15 bags and the door bell rings. It's my beloved friend Liz, coming to spend an exciting evening with me! Now that's what I call friendship! So we finish all 40 bags and they actually look pretty good - you can't really tell they've been tampered with.

So the purpose of all this craziness... Tomorrow night at youth group Pastor Paul will be sharing a message "So, you want to be like Christ?". We'll provide snacks for the kids but when they open their snack - SURPRISE! - not quite what they were expecting. And Pastor Paul will be able to share how living for Christ means what's on the inside and the outside should be the same.

I think it's a clever example of how we often live our life. Sometimes we are walking with Christ on the inside but we allow fear and doubts to overtake us and we fail to live for Christ on the outside. And then sometimes we have a hard heart or are not walking with Christ on the inside but on the outside we put on a mask and pretend to be someone we are not and act like all is right with the world.

Oh, how Jesus wants us to be real. To come to Him daily with our doubts and fears, sorrow and joy. One of my favorite verses is Romans 12:15, "Rejoice with those that rejoice, and weep with those who weep." It's ok to take off the happy face mask and weep. To let Him not only live in our hearts but live in every part of our soul and every part of our life.

What started out as another boring night for me ended with a great time hanging out with a good friend, having a yummy snack (chips of course!) and being reminded of the great joy that's found in being the chip, ur, I mean person we were created to be!


jen said...

What a fun, fun idea - I'm going to stick that in my family night idea list! Thanks! :)

Missy said...

Just a warning - make sure you take a break every once in a while and don't lean over the counter so as to cause back pain and muscle spasms. It was worth it though, to see the looks on the kids faces!