Open Your Eyes

A devotion by Princess...

Are you aware of everything God has done for you? Are you thankful of what He does? Every breath, every sunny day, every rain cloud, every loss. Its all for you! Its all to help you understand His love for you, and to grow closer to Him.

Yes, loss hurts, but look beyond what you lost. In that loss run to Jesus. Let Him comfort you and carry your burden. That is the blessing, Jesus can help us even though we aren’t perfect, and He does it willingly.

Do you run around outside with your eyes shut? As your drive to go get your daily coffee fix are your eyes shut? NO! So why do we walk around with our eyes shut to Jesus? Why are we not afraid of crashing without Jesus? Why can’t we throw our eyes open and look directly at the one who saves?

Because we sin. But He died so we could approach Him. We don’t have an excuse anymore, so stop looking for one. God has given us everything we need, and more. So stop. Think of all Jesus is blessing you with. Praise Him. Praise Him again, and again, and again.

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