I know I promised a picture of Hubby's Jeep but my camera died so you'll have to wait a day or so til I find my battery charger.

We had our orientation today with the agency that will be doing our adoption home study. It was a great day. There were 9 couples there and it was a good time of learning and sharing. As you know in June when we started this process we felt led to adopt through Ethiopia. After collecting our dossier paperwork we sensed the Lord telling us to wait with Ethiopia. And then we had the situation with the twins which we thought was our answer to prayer. So since then we've been praying about how God wants us to proceed.

Today we heard about domestic adoption and the international programs that the agency (New Horizons) offers. The intl programs are Guatemala (in limbo now because of govt issues), Sri Lanka (the only agency in the US able to place through that country) and Liberia (a very new program). Our hearts were tugged at Libera because the process takes only about a month. The ENTIRE process! Wow! And that program is fairly inexpensive too.

But at the same time we both feel the most peace about domestic adoption of an infant. Since we are open to any nationality or race the wait hopefully won't be too long. We heard stories of families waiting just weeks so that's what we're praying and hoping for, but we're also preparing our hearts for the average wait of 1 year.

So there's really no new news. We are still moving along with our home study and from there we wait more. The good news or at least what we feel good about is not having to complete USCIS government paperwork (required for intl adoptions)!

We also met a couple from our home town that is adopting. We exchanged information and are excited to develop a friendship with them. We'll have the same social worker and are at about the same place in the adoption process. It will be good to have that additional support.

We appreciate your continued prayers and will keep you posted!

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jen said...

Yay! I'm glad to hear an update - sorry to hear about your back though! :)