I Hope I Didn't Say Anything Stupid

We had our first meeting with our social worker yesterday - working to complete our home study. It went well. I asked Hubby afterwards if I said anything I shouldn't have and he didn't think so but I've spent all night going through our conversation in my head... did I give too much information, not enough information, how will she interpret that, did I talk too much?

Hubby is so calm, cool and collected - it's really annoying. I wish just once he would freak out and start crying and question every little thing he says and does. Hhmmm, that would be scary - then there'd be two of us!

We have two more meetings with our social worker, one which will be at our home. We're working on our profile books - we have to make 6 of them! Trying to figure out what pictures to use is overwhelming sometimes but again I need to follow the example of Hubby and try not to worry about it.

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