Although I don't have the Jeep Grand Cherokee I would really like, I do have a reliable Chevy Malibu to get me where I'm going.

Although I haven't been have to conceive a child, I do have two wonderful step-children.

Although I don't have the most stylish clothes in town, I do have a warm coat and shoes to wear when it's cold.

Although I haven't climbed Mt Everest, I have climbed the trails of the Rocky Mountains.

Although I can't take any vacation I'd like to, I can spend every night with my husband.

Although I can't afford laser surgery to fix my eyes, I can afford glasses so that I can see.

Although I'm not a size 2, I can see myself through God's eyes, as a child of the King no matter my size.

Although I don't know what tomorrow holds, I know Who holds tomorrow.

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