Just a few more days!

That's right, in just a few more days we get to see and hold and hug and kiss our Angel. We've heard lots of news today from our social worker - here's an update:

1. Everything is right on track. Just waiting on Holly's fingerprints and we realized today our TB tests. Our agency is doing what they can to expedite everything.

2. We get to see her on Friday! We'll meet her at noon, spend time time at the foster home and then get to take her with us! And we get to stay over night with her. Oh the joy! Unfortunately we then will have to leave her and come back home without her.

3. Best case scenario we'll be able to take her home for final final final on Monday, Dec 17th. We are hoping and praying for that but being realistic too that it could be later.

4. I shared earlier how family had given us $8000 towards the adoption. Well $4000 of that was some jewelry someone gave us that we thought we could easily sell. The jewelry is appraised at $7000 approximately so we figure we could easily get $4k. But now we're being told it's not likely we can get that much, and in this short of time it will be difficult too. So we are still hoping this will work out. If we can get some funds by selling the jewelry we're just a few thousand short. If we can't get the funds for the jewelry we're more like $5-6 thousand short.

This week we'll be busy getting the nursery ready. Right now it's a disastrous storage room. I guess I shouldn't say disastrous - I worked on it this weekend and made some progress but we have a long ways to go. I have no idea how we get so much junk. We have a crib, 2 packs of newborn diapers and that's it. I just can't let myself buy too much until we have all the funds raised for the fee so for now we're going to just hold off on any major shopping.

Thank you so much for your prayers. I'm still in shock, not really believing that this dream will be coming true. In fact, papers aren't signed yet, there's always a chance, although slight, that something would happen. We do feel at peace though and are trusting God for each decision and each step we take.

Please continue to pray for me, Hubby, Princess, our Angel, her foster family, our two social workers, Kim and Deanne, who are amazing and for all the paperwork and funds we are still waiting.

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Leah said...

I'm so excited for you!! Praying that all continues to go smoothly and I just can NOT wait to see pics of you with your little girl in your arms!!