Not like we're keeping track or anything

So our home study is real close to being done and now we just wait, as opposed to waiting and filling out all the paperwork and meetings and such.

You may have noticed a new little icon on the right side of our blog. Well, it's not little I guess. Yesterday it said we need to raise $11000 to bring baby home and we are up to $6000. Well today we found out we actually need $14000. Our agency recently raised their fees but we were hoping to get in under their last fee schedule. Doesn't look like that's going to happen.

So please please please please pray that the funds would be raised. We are scrimping pennys and filling out grant applications. However, we can't send the applications in until the home study is final final. Many of them only give grants quarterly and it's possible we could get a referral sooner than that. Most of them also say they give grants for "extreme financial hardship". Well, I wouldn't exactly say we are in extreme financial hardship but we certainly don't have $10K laying around.

I know, STOP WORRYING! We are trusting that it will all come together as God's timing is perfect. Thanks for praying with us.

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