Not Much To Report

Today was the hearing for termination of parental rights for our Angel. We didn't hear anything from the social worker working with the birth mom. But our social worker said no news is good news. I guess the birth mom and social worker don't have to be present at the hearing so since we didn't hear anything that means everything went fine... I think that means then that we are legally able to adopt her. I know I should sound a little more excited, I guess we are just still being cautious until we get word we can go get her. Still not sure when that will be. I guess the state won't get our paperwork til tomorrow so then it's just more waiting for someone to call and say everything looks good.

We praise God...

as far as we know things went well at the court hearing today
for yellow paint - we painted the nursery and it looks really cute
that mail only takes 1 day to get from our agency to the state office
for the many family and friends that have given financially towards the adoption
that His mercies are new every morning

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