Today we had a party with family to celebrate Princess's birthday. Yes, I know the cake is lame. It would have been even lamer if it was up to me.

Princess wanted a "funfetti" cake - no problem! I was even planning on making a cake from scratch but if she wants funfetti, she gets funfetti. So the party's at 3:00 and I finally get around to making the cake at 1:30.

It's sitting there cooling and my sister sees the chocolate frosting on the counter.

She says, "so that's what Princess wants for her cake?"

"Yep! She wants funfetti."

"With chocolate frosting?"

"Well, that's all I have and I don't think I have what I need to make frosting from scratch."

Sister gives me a weird look.

So I call Princess (Yes, she is just downstairs but that's a long way to walk!). Low and behold she wants funfetti cake with white frosting (DUH!). My wonderful sister offers to run to the store to save the day!

It's still a lame cake but at least it's a lame cake with white frosting!

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