The Process

Sorry for 3 posts in one day. That's just a little neurotic but we wanted to share what's next.

We left our Angel today with her foster family. It was so hard to leave her. Even though she's not ours yet, our hearts have already convinced us she's our daughter but we're not able to take her across state lines because the paperwork is not final yet.

On Monday (2 days!) the court hearing will take place to terminate the rights of the birth parents. This is considered a "high risk" adoption because we've asked to proceed with the processing before termination of rights. So yes, it's possible that the birth parents could change their minds. Although from what we've been told it sounds like there's not a very likely chance of that happening. If all goes well on Monday then we just wait for the interstate compact paperwork to get completed. This allows us to take her home and although the adoption isn't finalized for 6 months the birth parents rights will have been terminated so they could not come back and reclaim her.

There's really no way to know how long it will take for the interstate compact paperwork to get done. Basically it depends on whether someones on vacation or not. We are pretty optimistic it will happen next week - but it's possible it could be the next week or the next. Our agency is so amazing and they are doing all they can to make it happen as quickly as possible.

Please pray:

For our Angel. That she would continue to be healthy, that she would eat well and when she does come home, would attach to us quickly.

For me, Hubby and Princess. That we would be patient and trust in God's timing. That we would not worry about what tomorrow brings but hold tight to the promises of God's word.

For court on Monday. That God's will would be done. That the birth parents would have peace.

For the interstate compact. That the paperwork would get done in record time and we could bring our Angel home next week. Let's pray specific - bring her home Monday or Tuesday.

For finances. That we would have what we need for the adoption fee. That we would be good stewards of what God has entrusted to us and know what supplies we should buy and when. That when our Angel comes home and my maternity leave is up it would be possible for me to stay home, if not full time at least part time.

Thanks so much. We appreciate your prayers and encouragement!

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Leah said...

So excited for you! Congratulations!! She is just precious....how about sweet pea for a nickname? Praying for you and for everything to go smoothly from here on out!