Change is good right?

Ya, I changed my blog layout again. I think it's only the third time. I'm very new to the blogging world and other than completely taking control of my mind and body it's been a rewarding experience! The other night hubby went to bed before me (because of course I was roaming through the blog world)! Now that tells you something is wrong because that never happens. Anyway, I figured this blog will be for more than just the adoption, which is why I changed it a little. You'll get a peek into our crazy life too. What fun!

So my dad and hubby finished the plumbing in the basement. The electrian came today to get some specs and he'll be back on Monday with his crew. It's so exciting. Mainly because the more the basement comes together the closer we are to getting our babies!

Oh ya, we had chinese food tonight and guess what my fortune said: "You will travel a long distance soon"!! Hehehehe - I don't usually even read the fortunes and I don't believe in them at all but I had to admit that was so cool! :-)

I emailed our agency about getting access to the photolisting of children waiting. We're really praying about the age of children to adopt. Hubby has said he wants two more kids and that's it! Well, I've never experienced the baby part of motherhood (for those just joining, our kids are my step-kids) and I really want to. But I also want to do God's will so I'm hoping for a really clear sign of what we should do. Keep praying for us regarding this and also regarding the travel. We have some time to decide of course but I know it will be here before we know it!

No late night blogging tonight. Tomorrow's the Lord's day so I need to go to bed! Night-night!

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