The Joy in the Journey

Today was a great, exhausting day. We had a wonderful time of worship and fellowship at church and then came home and grilled hamburgers. Yummy! Even though we have tons of things to get done we did take a little nap. Aren't Sundays great for napping! Anyway then we went to work in the basement. I basically stood around doing nothing until hubby would need my help holding a board or something. I guess I did work on getting the laundry done. He finished framing the basement and then we got it cleaned up for the electrians to come in tomorrow. We still had a lot of junk down there we had to haul out to the garage. While we were cleaning and hauling things upstairs we were both griping about how miserable it was.

I then remembered something the my co-workers and I had talked about at devotions on Friday. So often when we're in the middle of something frustrating or difficult it's easy to miss the journey. We're too busy looking way ahead for the end result-so wanting to get through the icky parts. But in the middle of the icky parts God is able to bring peace and hope and joy that no one else can. He can help you to be thankful for what you have and not so crabby about what you don't have.

So we started enjoying the fact that we're even able to finish our basement and that hubby framed the entire thing himself and that my dad and him were able to finish the plumbing and soon it will be a family room with another bathroom (YAA!).

Whatever journey you're on today, don't forget to enjoy it! Don't be so focused on getting through it that you miss out on today and how the Lord wants to bless you!

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