The Waiting Game

We find ourselves waiting...imagine that! I need to get used to this. I actually shared with the youth last night about waiting. God had laid that on my heart that we need to wait on Him. We looked at the book of Habbakuk and how he had to trust in God's perfect plan even though it didn't seem like God was working. So, our prayer is that we would daily give this adoption to Him.

I told you a few days ago we sent in our contract to CWA. They received it on Wednesday morning at 10:30 am (or so UPS says). We have yet to receive an email or phone call. :-) Ya, I know I'm crazy. They did say in the original paperwork they usually contact within 24 hours of receiving the paperwork so hopefully tomorrow. Hopefully we'll also hear from our home study provider.

My dad is coming tomorrow to help hubby with the basement. They'll finish the framing and the plumbing. The electrican will hopefully finish that part next week and then we can get the sheetrock and drywalling done. The following week (July 1st-7th) is the FLY convention and me and daughter will be going. Hubby's going to stay home and work on the basement ALL WEEK! Maybe when we get home it'll be all done! Guys - if you're looking for something to do that week - come on over!

Hope you're waiting on the Lord in whatever circumstance you find yourself in today. Take a minute and read Habbakuk, you'll be encouraged! I especially love the end of chapter 3 - even if everything else fails and we're left with nothing - still Lord we'll praise and our joy will be complete in you!

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jen said...

Welcome to blogland! And welcome to CWA. I hope they have contacted you by now! If not, contact them . . . and contact your local agency to set up times too. You'll find that you can speed things up considerably (if you want to) by being pro-active in all that you do! :) That won't make the waiting go away, but it might speed a few things up a bit!