I Have Not Lost My Mind!

...even though my husband thinks so! I'm going to have a garage sale. Most of you will understand that this is a good thing. We're going to ask our friends and family to donate items and all the proceeds will go towards the adoption. My husband thinks I'm crazy cuz we're trying to get our basement finished and also get our main level finished from a recent remodel. And then I tell him "we should have a garage sale!" Bless him, he didn't even argue with me! Although on the inside I'm sure he's wishing the Lord would just zap me! :-) It probably won't happen until August (the garage sale, not the zapping). I have a lot of prepping to do but I'm excited to see God use this to help us raise money.

We're also sending out a letter tomorrow to our family and friends letting them know about our journey and asking them to pray for us. We're also asking for them to pray about financially supporting us. I've really struggled with this part - it's hard to ask for help. I sincerely believe that we are doing what we can to save money and raise money and that there are probably a few friends or family that really do want to help. I just pray no one feels guilted into giving - so if you receive a letter - please don't feel guilted into giving! Only give as the Lord leads you. I'll post a copy of our letter tomorrow so you all can read it.

Until next time - off to sort through my "trash that's another man's treasure!"

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