We've Got Mail!

Yahoo! We received an email today from our agency letting us know they received our contract and first payment. We received access to the online planner that gives us a step-by-step of everything we need to do (wow, there's alot!). We're really kind of stuck until we finish our home study though.

I called that agency today and the person that is in charge of scheduling home studies was on vacation but was supposed to be back in the office later today. So they said call back tomorrow - oh, I will! :-) When we originally talked to them about their agency and stuff they said it usually only takes 6-8 weeks to complete the home study so that's good - a little quicker than some of the other agencies we talked to - still seems like a long time though!

That will give us time to finish the basement and try to save up some more money because the basement is draining our stash! It's a catch 22 because we can't adopt till we finish the basement yet finishing the basement requires money! We are trusting in the Lord though - we know it's His will to adopt and trust He will provide the funds when they're needed.

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