Three Dogs

Yes, we have three dogs. Most people think we're crazy when we tell them we have three dogs. Not only do we have three dogs, but they are spoiled babies who spend way too much time in the house. I asked hubby the other day, "What if our baby is allergic to dogs". I won't repeat what he said - he really loves the dogs :-). Seriously though, that would be hard to say goodbye to the doggies if we have kids that end up being allergic to dogs. Charlie is a Lhasa Apso and he'll be 10 this year in September! He's my baby and loves spending time with my parents on the boat in Chamberlain. Then there's Allie. She's 4 and is a Border Collie/Lab mix. She's a little thing, skinny and only about 40 pounds. She's also the pouter of the group. When she's scolded she'll go pout in the corner until we give her a hug! And then there's Ed. Ed is the baby yet he's so much not a baby! He's a Lab/Husky mix and he only weighs about 85 pounds! He's actually lost 10 pounds this year. Ed is our talker - he'll have a conversation with Pat every morning about any issues he's having.

Hubby has taught all our doggies lots of good tricks; they all can give high fives, Ed plays dead like a pro, Allie rolls over ever before we say the words, Charlie sits on his little behind and begs. One trick he hasn't shown Ed and Allie is how to NOT shed! It's quite a joy trying to keep the house clean with their constant shedding coats.

Our dogs love kids. When we had our one-year old foster child they were so good. He'd pound on them and chase them and hug them and they just sat there. We've been blessed to have three wonderful faithful friends and Lord willing they'll be a part of our family for a long time!

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