Personal Policies

I copied this from my favorite blog Learning Patience. Here are my personal policies:

1. Shoes are ok - Even though it requires more cleaning for some reason I've never minded anyone wearing shoes in the house.

2. Make the bed every day. Ya, I know you'll just get right back in it at night but everything looks nicer when the bed is made.

3. It IS your responsibility to change the toilet paper if you use the last of it. AND the toilet paper must roll over the top.

4. Dogs are welcome anywhere except on the living room furniture.

5. When a meal is ready everyone should be at the table ready to eat. Did I not just work away in the kitchen to provide a wonderful meal for you? And it bothers me knowing the food is getting cold.

6. I am the spider killer. This policy was not by my choice, but given to me by hubby - although very manly, strong and courageous - he is deathly afraid of spiders! :-)

7. When hubby and I are walking he needs to be on my right. Wow, that sounds crazy but it's just the way it is!

8. Singing loud is perferred when listening to worship music.

9. Do not have the radio and the tv on at the same time. This is way to much noise and stimulation!

10. Hugs and kisses are required anytime hubby, princess or I leave the house. Live every moment like it's your last!

What are your personal policies?

1 comment:

jen said...

Oh, thanks for the nice things you say about me! :)
Amen to #3! . . . and #5! And I think we might just adopt the "Live every moment like it's your last" motto for leaving the house too!