It's A Girl!

Ok folks, hope you're sitting down!

We are soon to become the parents of a baby girl. She's 5 weeks old and we'll call her Angel. We are so excited, yet still a little in shock and still a little cautious since it's not final yet.

Things that need to happen before baby Angel comes home:

1. Finalize our home study. Our social worker is finishing it up this weekend so that's no problem.

2. Background check and fingerprints. This is also part of the home study, but it's the part that takes the longest. Ok, so you remember how we were thinking it took 4-8 weeks. Well either we were wrong or God worked an amazing miracle. Me and Hubby's already came back after only 2 weeks. So we're just waiting on Princess's.

3. Adoption Fee. Huge praise here! We originally thought our fee was $11800 and then were told we didn't make it in time before their fees increased so the fees were actually $14800. But now today we were told that they are in fact $11800! YAHOO! We're still keeping our goal at $14000 because we owe $1000 more for the home study and we have yet to buy anything for the nursery plus a $500 post placement fee.

So what does that mean? We have $3-4000 that has been raised or donated. So that leaves us with $10-11000 yet to raise. And we have, we're guessing 2-4 weeks. I'm so excited because we serve an AMAZING God.

SO AMAZING that we have within the last 10 minutes since I've typed the last paragraph we have gotten 2 phone calls from family members that want to give us approximately $8000. I can hardly talk, I'm so overwhelmed by God's blessing. All we can do is sit here and weep.

We love you Jesus. Thank you for this blessing and this new adventure you've called us to. Thank you for our family and friends that are so encouraging and supportive. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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